It's April 1!

It's April 1st!

Hello Class!
Today is Wednesday, April 1, 2020

1.Please go to the Epic site and read Sam Is Six. Tomorrow we will review the book, so please read the book.

2. Do Math page 259-260, from the packet. 

3. Use the writing paper and write a 3 or 4 sentences telling me What your favorite movie is and tell me about one of the characters in the movie. Draw me a picture to go with your story on your favorite movie.

4. Do one of the hand writing sheets. 

Thank you parents and students for working so hard. I have been looking at Epic and Splash Learn to see who is trying to get their work done. Keep Up the Good Work!

Miss you guys and I love you bunches and bunches!

Pet Day

Pet Day

Today is Monday, March 30, 2020

Parents this is Pet Day for Lee Christian School. Please post at picture of your child with their pet on f3 on Facebook. (#leechristianschool).  If you don't have a pet a stuffed animal will do. Have Fun!

1. Students please read the assigned books. I am so proud of the student who have complete most of the assignments I gave you. If you have not finished any please try to complete one today.  Chan, Jackson, and Alex have all read over 30 books. The rest of the class; you need to get busy who knows what kind of PRIZES are coming to those Boys!!! 

2. Today in your packets each student will have password for you to begin Splash Learn for Math. Please do the assignments I gave today. Tomorrow we will begins our Zoom class with Bible and Math.

3. Please write sentences using these words; 
1. hopping       2. hugged
3. rub               4. skipped
5. don't             6. were

See you guys tomorrow! I am so excited!

Fantasic Friday!

Fantastic Friday!

Hello students ! Today is Friday,March 27, 2020

1. I am not assigning anew books to read. Just continue to read the books that are assigned.

2. Pick one of the Math sheets that I have in the packet. Count by 5s as far as you can. 

3. Science- Go outside and find a bug, worm, or bird and take a picture, send it to me. You have all weekend  to do this. If you can't find one of these, take a picture of your pet outside.

4. Art - I miss getting picture from you guys! Today draw me a picture of a Spring day with trees, flowers, grass, birds, and you playing outside.

Please pray for all of our families in the school, this is a hard time for everyone.
Thank you to all of you for your commitment to your child's education.
Have a safe and wonderful weekend. 
Love you guys!

It's Stupendous Thursday

It's Stupendous Thursday

Hello my wonderful First Grade Family! I am missing you guys so much! I hope all of you are doing well today. Thank you for adjusting so well to the way we are having our school. I am sending out an email this afternoon about the changes that I will be making.  Listed below are today's assignments.

1. Please go to epic; Pick one of these books to read: Fancy Nancy and  the Delectable Cupcake or Flat Stanley at Bat. Take the quiz for the book you read.

2. Pick one of the Math sheet to complete. Practice counting by 10s, count by 10s and count as far as you can go. 

3. Go to epic and Look under Social Studies then go to Biography section; Choose one of these two books: Helen Keller or George Washington Carver
a. Read or listen to the book
b. Write three or four questions about the book to ask me.
c. Draw a picture of the person the book is about.

4. Go outside and find a tree, plant, or flower. Ask someone to take a picture of it. Send it to me. Play outside …


It's Hump Day

Good Morning FIRST GRADE!

I hope all of my awesome students are  doing well this wonderful Wednesday.  Today is Wednesday, March 25, 2020.
I have a few things for everyone to do today.

1. I have assigned 2 books and 1 Video at Epic. Please read and take the quiz for; Bears Eat And Grow and In Like A Lion and Out Like A Lamb.
Please watch and take Quiz for the Video; Math 1 - 5 Double Machine.

2. In the packet I sent home please pick a Math sheet and Complete it. Please practice the Fact Families 1-5: You can review orally; by saying 1 + 0=1, 1+1=2 etc. or You can write them down on a white board or paper. (Please have Mom or Dad take a picture and send what you choose to do.)

3. For your Science Assignment; You will need to explore the books that are about Butterflies. On Epic you can find books on The Cycles of a Butterfly. You can read or look at the pictures and You can look in other books or pla…

It's Terrific Tuesday!

Terrific Tuesday!

Hi Students! I am praying daily that God will bless each of you as you begin your day. I miss you! I went to school yesterday and it was too quiet!! It made me miss you guys even more! I love you and we all know that Jesus loves us!

1. I assigned you a book- Pete the Cat- Pete Gets A Pet and I gave you a Quiz to take on this book. If you don't finish today please try to do to it by Wednesday. I assigned a Video too.

2. Take one of the Math worksheets in the packet and complete it. Please use the writing paper and write one Sentences for each of these words; 1. happy 2. play 3. watch 4. hug 5. mom 6. Tuesday. Have Mom or Dad take a picture of your work and email it to me.

3. I want you to draw a picture of something fun that your mom, dad, or grand parent did with you. Write one or two sentences to tell me about the picture. You have until Thursday to complete this. Please sent it to me! Can't wait to see your drawings, that is something that I really miss ge…

It's Friday!


Hello ! I  am so proud of all of you for trying to get your work done and for being such wonderful students! I miss you guys and I am so thankful that we can communicate with each other in different ways. I love you and I am praying for you and your families. 
Parents please try and get the kids outside too. It is so important that they get some fresh air and exercise. Thank you for all your help this couldn't work without you and God has blessed LCS with AWESOME PARENTS!
*** I am assigning more books, however you don't have to read all the books I assigned. I did this so over the weekend if you want to read some books you can. You read other books too. Parents please do the work when you can. 

1. Choose a book and read it; You can take the quiz or Draw a picture and write 1 or 2 sentences about the book. 

2. For Math today pick two exercises and do them. (Jumping jacks, Toe Touching, Hopping on One foot, (switch feet), Squats, Push ups,  and running in place. Mak…